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2016 NCME Program Highlights: Foundations and Frontiers: Advancing Educational Measurement for Research, Policy, and Practice

We are pleased to highlight a few of the many excellent sessions that our members have contributed, as well as congratulate our partners at AERA on their centennial celebration.

From the very first conference session, at 8:15AM on Saturday, April 9, we’re kicking it off with big-picture topics (Henry Braun leading an invited session for the recent NCME volume: Challenges to Measurement in an Era of Accountability) alongside technical advances (Derek Briggs leading off a session on Learning Progressions for Measuring Growth).

The momentum continues through our last session, at 4:05 on Monday, April 11, where we tackle buzz phrases (Thanos Patelis convening a session on Fairness Issues and Validation of Noncognitive Skills) and settle scores (The Great Subscore Debate, with Emily Bo, Howard Wainer, Sandip Sinharay, and many others facing off to surely resolve the issue once and for all).

We are taking full advantage of our location in Washington, DC, with an invited session on the recently passed Every Students Succeeds Act over lunchtime on Monday. Peter Oppenheim and Sarah Bolton, Education Policy Directors (majority and minority, respectively) for the US Senate HELP Committee will discuss key provisions and spark a discussion among researchers about ESSA’s Implications and Opportunities for Measurement Research and Practice. Earlier that Monday morning, Kristen Huff will convene reporters and scholars in a session with the lively title: Hold the Presses! How Measurement Professionals can Speak More Effectively with the Press and the Public.

Consistent with our theme, our many sessions highlight both foundations (Isaac Bejar coordinates a session on Item Response Modeling: From Theory to Practice, while Karla Egan convenes a session on Standard Setting: Beyond Process) and frontiers (Tracy Sweet will lead a session on Recent Advances in Social Network Analysis, and Will Lorie takes on Big Data in Education: From Items to Policies).

Stay up to date at the Twitter hashtag #NCME16 and our new NCME Facebook group. We are confident that you will enjoy the program that you have helped to create here at the 2016 NCME Annual Meeting.

Andrew Ho and Matt Johnson
2016 NCME Annual Meeting Co-Chairs

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